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Orhan Dağlı

Orhan Dağlı

He was born in 1971 in Istanbul. He completed his primary and secondary education in this city. In 1997, he graduated third from traditional Turkish Arts Department of M.S.Ü.G.F and received Sakıp Sabancı special award. He took lessons from Prof. Dr. Ali Alparslan on nesta'lik, divani, celi divani and rık'a, from Yakup Cem, the miniature, from Kaya Üçer pen works and from Hikmet Barutçugil Marbling art.

In 2001, He took license on Sülüs-naskh from Hüseyin Kutlu, from Asst .Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tahsin Aykutalp on illuminated manuscript, in 2002, from Prof Dr. Ali Alparslan' nesta'lik, Divani and celi divani. In 2004, she received celi ta'lik Achievement Award at IRCICA international calligraphy competition.

 In 2007, the artist made serious efforts in the field of design flower painter, and he strengthened it with his ten students. First, pen works revealed a new point of view where the flowers studied were reinterpreted with the classical style. Again, for the first time in 2001, he tried and over the years developed jewelry effectively adorned the illuminated manuscript became a style.

Besides this, the artist who performed the restoration of the old works has brought many plates of artists such as Sheikh Hamdullah, Muhammad Nur, Ibrahim Rhodes, Kazasker Mustafa İzzet, Mahmut Celaleddin, Mehmet Tahir Efendi, Şefik Efendi, Necmettin Okyay, Kamil Akdik, Macit Ayral and Halim Özyazıcı Yazici to our Art History.

In addition, the artist who works on the zerendûd plates has produced many works on this subject.

In 2005, the artist who prepared the illuminated manuscript of Şevki Efendi, published forty hadith book by Hasbahçe Printing in 2008.

The artist who went to Jordan in 2010 served as the chief engineer of the King Hussein Holy Quran Project alongside the illuminated manuscript (ornamentation) and miniature project at the World Islamic Science and Education University. Returning home in 2011, the artist introduced the new illuminated manuscript styles, which he named as DAMLAKÂRÎ in 2012, GEVHERSHAH in 2013 and OSMANÎ in 2014, as a fruit of his overseas research and past experiences.

He also started working as a lecturer at Trakya University in 2013.  In addition to his teaching duties, the artist, working in many outstanding collections and museums both at home and abroad, continues to work in the calligraphy art, illuminated manuscript and miniature branches.

He's married and has two daughters.

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