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Said Chuanyi Lei

Said Chuanyi Lei

Ressam, Tasarımcı, Araştırmacı

Born in 1987 as the child of a Muslim family in Beijing, Chancy Lei completed his education in Beijing University in 2010 and worked as a Project Director at Tsinghua University National Heritage Centre for cultural heritage conservation and Research Institute between 2010 and 2014. He continues his master's education at Fatih Sultan Mehmet University Institute of Fine Arts traditional Turkish Arts Department on miniature.

In 2000, Lee Shi-Lin, the founder of the Chinese Islamic miniature school and also one of China's leading painters, began his Traditional Chinese painting, following his father Ali Leigong. The artist, who took lessons from Prof. Dr. Sun Jusheng, continues his studies in the field of sumi technique and floral-animal paintings.

Working in the fields of Turkish Islamic Arts and Asian Art History, the artist has published articles in various magazines in different parts of the world since 2009, and gave many conferences, and participated in special and mixed exhibitions with his works.

The exhibitions she attended:

2009     Chinese Military Museum

2014     Pekin Jin-shang Gallery

2016     The Iranian National Academy of Arts.

2017     Istanbul Aydın University- a mixed exhibition called “the colors of Silk Road”.

2015     The first personal painting exhibition on “Cat” during the Beijing International Design Week.

2017     personal painting exhibition at FSMVÜ Fine Arts Faculty Gallery in Istanbul

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