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Nilüfer Kurfeyz

Nilüfer Kurfeyz

She was born in 1957 in Istanbul. .In high school, she attended the seminars of Ord. Prof. Dr. A. Süheyl Ünver, which made her recognize the Turkish culture. During the university years, she continued her courses presented by Süheyl Ünver at Topkapı Palace.

Between 1980 and 1983, he received a diploma from the Turkish Decorative Arts workshop at Topkapı Palace under the direction of Cahide Keskiner.

In 1985, she graduated from the Department of Archaeology and Art History, classical Archaeology of Istanbul University Literature Faculty.

While she was continuing her studies on gilding, she participated in pens and restoration works for historical buildings. Topkapı Palace, New Mosque, Sultanahmet Mosque and Ragıp Pasha Mansion are some of them.  

For many years, she predominantly works on gilding and restoration.

She opened her personal exhibition first in 1992, in December 2005, on’’ in the presence of Love’’ with Selim Sağlam and the second on ‘‘ 30 years dedicated to Art’ in February 2009, with Selim Sağlam, again.

 In addition, her numerous mixed exhibitions took place in Turkey and abroad. All of the works she produced in 43 years are exhibited in domestic and international private collections and museums. Many of her works have reached a larger audience by being printed.

She has a book on gilding, published in 2003.

Since 1985, she has been sharing his knowledge with those who want to learn this Art. She has been working as a partner since 1990, with Selim Sağlam, who had taken lessons from him in 1986 and met with this Art.

She is currently working as an instructor at the Albaraka Art Center, as a consultant in the traditional arts specialization center of Sakarya Municipality and Bahariye art workshops, and at TBMM, Head of the Department of National palaces, classical Arts Education Center, as a lecturer, Manager and member of the Scientific Committee.

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